Our Experience

An executive team to enhance unified communications

SAGESS3 is comprised of senior-level team members who have a combined 100+ years experience working with C-suite professionals to set strategic, unified communication environments that are integrated and work effectively.

The business acumen we bring is unique—the focus is not solely on technology, but on a holistic strategy that ensures your people, process, technology and network requirements are established to ensure both everyday tactical requirements and big-picture needs are addressed efficiently.

Our Value

SAGESS3 is unique as we provide enhanced holistic solutions that are within your current OpEx budget and scope with $0 of CapEx required. You want it done effectively with state-of-the-art technology and ideas, but to keep your costs in check? We will show you how that is possible.

You will not find junior staff at SAGESS3. All of our team members are experienced, senior-level executives who focus on recommending strategies and who can also carry out day-to-day operations.

Our Leadership

SAGESS3 is led by founders Don Cousineau and Joseph Rubin. Don and Joseph each has more than 30+ years experience as leaders in the voice and IT industries.

Joseph Rubin

Joseph Rubin CEO and Co-founder

Joseph Rubin has extensive knowledge and combined experience in sales leadership and operations management throughout the United States and Canada. Joseph’s corporate beliefs are grounded by a balanced approach to the needs of employees, customers and shareholders along with the business philosophy that each company must identify its core activities (3-5 items performed better than the competition) to turn into core competencies.

His business strengths center around development and hands-on completion of effective multi-channel sales models, optimizing existing businesses to enable and achieve top-line and bottom-line growth objectives, and creating recurring revenue profit models to increase company values. Joseph’s work with C-level professionals has always been described as practical, effective and cost efficient.

Don Cousineau

Don Cousineau President and Co-founder

Don Cousineau has more than 30 years experience in the voice and IT services space which includes 20 of those years as an operating executive. In the early 90s, Don was a pioneer in the managed solutions space developing and implementing various managed services offerings for voice system infrastructures.

Prior to SAGESS3, Don held numerous C-suite positions, including General Manager and Director of Strategic Alliances for Norstan, Inc. where he was responsible for overall operations as well as creating and developing a North America wide (USA + Canada) managed services practice. Don also served as General Manager/Vice President Eastern Canada for Norstan Canada as well as President of Popcom, Inc., a consulting company that delivered voice and data solutions to the Federal Government in alliance with IBM, Nortel and Siemens.