Intelligent Automation

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation (software bots + augmented intelligence) eliminates repetitive, tedious tasks and allows your team to focus on work of high value. In short, it streamlines operations. The difference is in RPA-unattended and RPA-attended:


RPA-unattended robotics clearly makes faster and more accurate defined repetitive process and tasks, not requiring any user intervention or oversight. Also known as "machine to machine" automation.


RPA-attended (aka RDA) focuses on the removal of busy work, repetitive tasks that are clearly defined, with not real benefit for a user to enact in any workflow process. With RPA-attended the bots/automations perform repetitive tasks and still offer the user necessary judgement calls/communication after which the simple parts of the tasks can be handed over to the bot. Also known as Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA).

How can intelligent automation help your business?

Intelligent automation can significantly increase your productivity while eliminating human error. By bringing both unattended and attended RPA into the workplace, you allow your employees the ability to do their jobs more accurately and more efficiently.

Intelligent automation will:

Increase productivity

Expedite business processes

Reduce human errors

Reduce employee overhead

Reduce employee turnover

Improve overall customer service

How does it work?

For a monthly fee and $0 capital expenditures, you receive our managed robotic solution. This solution provides complete functionality—from back office to contact center—and will help you achieve Month 1 return on (your) Investment (ROI).

SAGESS3 provides single point of commitment (SPoC) to:

  • Assess and identify use cases (aka automations)
    • On-site discovery leads to documented use cases
    • Assess via 3 lenses — business, process, technology
  • Develop return on investment (ROI) justification
    • Prioritize use cases, list productivity gains per use case, document ROI results and pursue Month 1 ROI achievement
  • Conduct Proof of Solution (POS)
    • Also known as Proof of Technology—validate that the SAGESS3 POS use case works within the clients’ technology and security ecosystem
  • Develop and implement all use cases
    • Use of “low code” development for rapid deployment
  • Act as SPoC for all maintenance, support and change requirements

We utilize a rapid visual design environment for ease of implementation. This is non-invasive and does not require access to source code or APIs. This environment works with legacy (or custom) applications.

When developing and delivering robotic solutions, SAGESS3 performs 98% of the effort and heavy lifting.

RPA–attended is most suitable for any knowledge worker and, the common area of application is today’s contact centers because these centers interact with multiple systems/applications and provide highly consistent processes to ensure that customer experience is consistently excellent.