Strategic Consulting

What are strategic consulting services?

SAGESS3 provides a holistic review (people, process, technology and network) of specific business segments that impact the everyday needs of each Client we engage. The SAGESS3 team averages 25+ years industry experience with an overall objective to optimize your selected business environment and utilize the efficiencies determined and uncovered to drive the following results:


Ensure team skill set is up to speed adhering to a lifetime learning philosophy.


Streamlined and productive; enables efficient utilization of required tools and technology.


Upgrade technology to the clients’ required needs to enable enhanced customer experience and growth.


Voice and data network upgraded and enhanced without changing out vendors.

How can strategic consulting services help your business?

Implementing SAGESS3 strategic consulting enlists the recommendations and assessments of senior-level, industry-specific executives who have “broad thinking” experiences to improve your voice, IT and unified communications business requirements.

Utilizing strategic consulting services can:

  • Deliver a comprehensive assessment of your business processes, networks and communications
  • Provide you with a roadmap to success
  • Support business growth through new process development and strategies
  • Spot breaks in the system and provide alternatives for streamlining processes
  • Eliminate unnecessary overhead as efficiencies are identified and executed

How does it work?

Our strategic consulting services are grouped into three main areas of concentration: contact center optimization, network (carrier) services optimization and unified communications (business process) optimization.

Contact center optimization

Your business runs on multiple communication systems—phone, email, SMS—and each of these has a role in the success of your people, process, technology and networks. SAGESS3 provides in-depth assessments in these areas to help you achieve improved efficiencies while maintaining an optimal customer service experience. Our contact center optimization services provide you with a roadmap to achieve an ideal state including steps required to bridge gaps from current state to ideal state.

Network (carrier) services optimization

Optimizing your networks and carriers is essential in ensuring your business is running at peak performance. Through these services, SAGESS3 will provide an in-depth assessment of your current networks and a benchmark of costs and expense patterns. This includes a comprehensive, strategic review of all applicable contracts and a detailed roadmap (as a means) to achieve your ideal state. SAGESS3 can also address, clean up and manage your telecom expense management (TEM) system.

Unified communications (business process assessment) optimization

Are you confident that all your business processes are effectively working together and providing a streamlined unified communications environment? Engage in our holistic assessment of your unified communications environment so that we can provide clearly stated recommendations with project results. We are the experts in providing best-in-class, market-proven ideas that when compared to internal thinking and considerations can be your roadmap to achieve the ideal state.